Friday, November 29, 2013 increases pay-per-click landing-page conversions via mobile site

By Lauren Johnson

July 29, 2011

A screen shot of's mobile site increased its pay-per-click landing page conversions by 70 percent after adding mobile-optimized pages.

The company worked with SiteSpect to create mobile-optimized pages for some of its most popular features. has also recently gained new insight into understanding how their users digest email with the company Return Path.

? was tasked with making their site better for end users, part of which is optimizing a site and understanding that more people are coming through mobile sites,? said Eric Hansen, CEO of SiteSpect, Boston.

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? has people active in the field with phones and mobile devices already, so being able to reach them through mobile platforms is almost a necessity,? he said.
? is owned by Monster Worldwide and gives military members and families information about programs, benefits and other service-related content. has more than 10 million subscribers.

Opt for mobile
According to Mr. Hansen, SiteSpect?s work in general sees 6?10 percent or more of a Web site?s users coming via mobile.

SiteSpect created mobile-optimized pages for some of most popular content, including search features, programs and service articles.

Additionally, the company increased mobile conversions by 56 percent.

?Of course figuring out ways to help users? experience on mobile is hard because of the screen size and what the device is capable of, but it?s important for companies to always keep the end user in mind,? Mr. Hansen said.

Tracking users started working with Return Path in July 2010 when they realized they needed more insight into how their users were getting information.

?We didn?t have any insight into how our newsletters and campaigns were being read by our users,? said Kirk Gray, emarketing specialist at, San Francisco.

?We needed to look at our already existent technology and figure out new ways to get our information out to our mobile users,? he said.

?When we went through our data after using Return Path?s analytics, we found surprising mobile numbers.?

In July 2010, had a 13.2 percent mobile readership. After boosting their mobile presence, the company saw a 99 percent year-to-year change, resulting in the current 26.3 percent of users who read email on their mobile devices in July 2011. also found that the iPhone was the top performer and device used for opening email with 81.3 percent of mobile readers using the device.

?We keep seeing reports on how Android is catching up with mobile users, but we still see an overwhelming number of Apple users, whether it?s on the iPhone or iPad,? Mr. Gray said.

Mr. Gray also credits the increase in mobile readers with the company?s demographic of on-the-go service men. is now revamping their newsletter templates and looking for new ways to engage with users, which might include expanding the company?s discounts for service men on geo-located platforms.

?Mobile wasn?t at the top of our list last year as a priority but it is this year,? Mr. Gray said.

Final Take

Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York

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