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Winterizing Your Light Sources: Window and Skylight Tips

    FORT MILL, SC, August 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sunshine and summer go together. Yet when winter arrives with shorter days and cooler temperatures, the amount of sun that enters your home can be more important than at any other time of year.

Inadequate sunlight can influence seasonal mood changes, vitamin D deficiency and even your utility bills. It's important to prepare for winter by taking care of the portals that allow natural light into your home: windows and skylights.

Caulking and weather stripping are the two most common ways to prep windows, and the jobs are easily within the abilities of most do-it-yourselfers. Washing windows should also be part of your winter-preparedness measures; clean windows will allow the maximum amount of room-warming sunlight to enter your home.

Winterizing skylights is also important. Skylight manufacturer Velux America (www.veluxusa.com) offers these tips for preparing your skylights for cooler months as well as for year-round care and maintenance:

* Have your skylights inspected by a qualified professional. Visit the Velux installer locator for a professional close to you. While issues such as damaged claddings or flashings would be obvious, other problems might only be diagnosed through a professional inspection.

* Remove any debris that has accumulated around the exterior of the skylights. Take appropriate care when climbing on the roof and consider hiring a professional if you're not confident of your safety skills.

* Thoroughly clean the glass part of your skylights, inside and out. You'll likely need a ladder to reach them, so be sure to take steps to prevent a fall. Use a mild, non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft brush or other non-abrasive applicator to clean the glass, and immediately remove the cleaner with a squeegee or lint-free cloth. Never use metal scrapers, knives or blades of any kind to clean large areas of glass.

* Clean interior frames - often pre-painted wood or plastic - with a damp cloth or mild, soapy water for tougher dirt. Remove insect screens in venting skylights, spray with a garden hose and allow them to dry completely before replacing them.

* If your skylight's pre-finished wood frame needs refinishing, thoroughly remove the factory finish. Make sure the surface is clean, then apply a coat of water-based acrylic varnish or paint, following the manufacturer's instructions for application. Be sure to keep all varnish and paint off the skylight gaskets and glass. Velux does not recommend painting over plastic frames and sashes.

* Care for the mechanics of your skylights. Open venting skylights (turn off the power if they're electric) and wipe off the chain using a clean, dry towel and no cleaner or solvent of any kind. For manual skylights, inspect the loop or crank handle to ensure it's secure. Don't add lubrication to your skylight's moving parts; the internal workings of manual and electric operators are considered maintenance-free, and are pre-lubed, so they should require no additional lubrication.

* Consider upgrading your existing skylights to Energy Star-qualified no leak solar powered fresh air skylights - it could be much less expensive than you might imagine. New solar powered fresh air models, as well as solar powered blinds and installations costs for both products, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.
Skylights that open to the heavens, and that close automatically in case of rain, can help you enjoy not only natural light but also fresh air by providing passive ventilation.

If you happen to be replacing your roof, there is no better time to upgrade skylights since most roofers will charge up to double to come back and replace units versus doing the job while replacing the roof. By upgrading, you can also gain the benefits of a No-Leak warranty plus greater energy efficiency with advanced glass coatings. Finally, if you happen to be replacing a plastic bubble skylight with an Energy Star-qualified glass model, you can save up to $194 per year on your cooling costs according to a Velux study.

* Add blinds. A must-have aesthetic accessory available in over 100 colors and patterns, blinds also provide extra insulation and allow you to control the amount of sunlight that enters through your skylights. They are also particularly effective at retaining heat during cool weather. Studies show that adding a blind to make a complete skylight system can increase energy efficiency by 37 percent. According to Velux, that gain in efficiency jumps to as much as 45 percent with a blackout blind used on a fixed skylight. In addition to saving on month-to-month utility costs, there is the 30 percent federal tax credit available on solar blinds mentioned earlier. Get the details at www.veluxusa.com/consumer/products/blinds.

Winterizing your windows and skylights can help ensure they provide you with the maximum amount of healthful, natural light, and warmth, during the dark, cold months of winter.

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RE/MAX Platinum Realty Launches New Commercial Division

    SARASOTA, FL, August 10, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- RE/MAX Platinum Realty has launched its Commercial Division with the addition of noted commercial real estate agent Bruce Ginsberg.

Ginsberg returns to the RE/MAX network after leaving Coldwell Banker. He will be involved in commercial sales and leasing, residential and commercial investment properties, and property management.

"We are very honored to have Bruce join RE/MAX Platinum Realty," said Broker-Owner Bryan Guentner. "His knowledge, experience and expertise will be instrumental in getting our commercial division under way."

Ginsberg was rated among the top 2 percent of Realtors nationally and one of the top 20 commercial Realtors statewide. During his 22-year career in real estate, he has earned the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, RE/MAX Chairman's Club, RE/MAX Platinum and RE/MAX 100% Club awards. A native of Tucson, Arizona, he holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ginsberg will be based at RE/MAX Platinum Realty's Sarasota office at 1312 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236. He can be reached at (941) 416-0019 or yourdealmaker@comcast.net.

RE/MAX Platinum Realty offers full-service residential real estate solutions in Sarasota and Manatee counties, specializing in luxury and waterfront properties. The company maintains offices in downtown Sarasota, St. Armands, Lakewood Ranch, Osprey and Venice. Telephone: (941) 929-9090. Website: http://www.platinumrealtyflorida.com.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Atlanta Moving Company, A.C. White, is a Member of NFCC with Pete White on the Board of Directors

    NORCROSS, GA, August 05, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Considered one of the most desirable locations in the country to do business, the North Fulton Atlanta area boasts of a well-educated work force, an impressive range of business services and benefits, and affordable sites. Atlanta moving company A.C. White is proud to have its very own Pete White, serving on the Board of Directors of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC).

The GNFCC is the powerful engine behind a variety of local, regional, and state-wide business programs and initiatives across several industries benefitting businesses and commercial activity throughout the area.

"Being part of the Board of Directors of this great organization is an honor," says Pete White, Vice President of Sales for A.C. White Relocations. "But this is really just another way for us here at A.C. White to serve the community. We have been moving Georgia families and companies for almost 90 years. We are committed to continue serving the community in every possible way we can."

This Atlanta moving company offers residential and commercial moving services as well as data storage solutions. They have conveniently located offices throughout Georgia to effectively address all your concerns regarding your move. A.C. White can help you even when you are planning a move overseas through their professional connections with their strategic partners. They are your local moving company with global reach.

Trust your move to the Atlanta office movers thousands of families and businesses have counted on for four generations. A.C. White will move you out of Georgia or simply out of town with excellent service at a great price.

Visit http://www.acwhite.com/ and tell us how we can help in your next move.

About A.C. White Relocations:
Atlanta moving company, A.C. White Relocations, has been family owned and operated since 1926. Four generations of experience with moving in Atlanta has given A.C. White Relocations a distinct advantage over other Atlanta movers. With offices in Atlanta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah, A.C. White Relocations' dedication to superior service and customer satisfaction has earned them both the respect and loyalty of their Georgia moving clients. Partnered with United Van Lines, A.C. White Relocations has the resources and the care and attentiveness everyone needs in Atlanta movers.

For more information, please visit http://www.acwhite.com/.

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Replace or Repair? That's the Home Improvement Question

    FORT MILL, SC, August 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Maintenance and improvement are both essential realities of home ownership. From windows and skylights to gas ranges and front doors, everything in your home will eventually need some work. But how do you know when something simply needs repair, or merits being replaced?

Of course, each situation will be as unique as the home in which it occurs - and as individual as the homeowners themselves. A few good rules of thumb, however, do apply in most cases. When you're considering repair or replacement, ask yourself these questions:

* How old is the malfunctioning item?
* How extensive/pervasive is the problem?
* Will the cost of repair approach the cost of replacement?
* Which course - repair or replace - will yield the maximum energy efficiency?
* How does the cost of repair measure up to the value it will provide? How does replacement stack up using the same measure?

To help you get an idea of how these rules apply, here's what some experts have to say about home elements that frequently raise the repair/replace question:


While some modern skylights are energy-efficient, qualifying to use the ENERGY STAR mark (visit www.energystar.gov) and leak-free, if you have an older, plastic model it's probably a good idea to replace it. Not only are older plastic bubble-type skylights often faded and unsightly, reducing visibility, they are not UV resistant, are not energy efficient, and are much more likely to leak.

Replace or Repair? - P. 2
"There are many of those unattractive, cracked and yellowed plastic skylights still in use," says Ross Vandermark, national product manager of Velux America, which manufactures the warranted "No-Leak Skylight." "Replacing them with new energy-efficient, double-pane (insulating) glass models is quick and easy. They don't leak, they look better, they reduce UV rays and provide substantial energy savings."

In fact, based on an estimate of 15 cents per kwh/hr., replacing an old plastic skylight with a Energy Star-qualified Velux skylight can save a 2,000-square-foot home about $194 a year on cooling costs, a company study shows.

And if you choose a no leak solar powered fresh air skylight for a replacement the product will be eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Make the package even more energy efficient by adding a solar powered blind and both products, plus the installation, qualify for the tax credit. Both the skylight and the blind are operated by the same remote control and the skylight closes automatically in case of rain.

Solar powered blinds are available in a variety of functional styles, including blackout to block light, light filtering to diffuse light, or Venetian to adjust light. And the blinds are available in designer colors and patterns to add a fresh look to your room decor. And, depending on the age and condition of even older glass skylights, it's not a bad idea to consider a modern, more energy efficient model with more features, especially if you're planning to replace your roof shingles or other surface. To learn more about replacement skylights, visit www.veluxusa.com. There's an app there that will enable you to see how skylights will look in your own home plus a tax credit calculator that will show you how much you can save on a replacement skylight or a new unit installation.

Recent research shows that skylights and vertical windows can work well together to effectively daylight a home while contributing to heating and cooling energy savings.

Like skylights, windows have vastly improved in energy efficiency over the past few decades. Leaky, inefficient windows can be a major source of heat loss in a home, boosting energy bills and decreasing the comfort level indoors. Window manufacturer Pella points to these signs that old windows need to be replaced:

* They're difficult to open or close.
* You can feel air leaking in or out around them.
* Condensation or fogging occurs on or between glass panes.
* You can see chipping, deterioration or water stains on the window or the wall around it.
* Cleaning is a major chore and you avoid it because of the difficulty.
* It's difficult or impossible to find replacement parts for the old windows.

The Efficient Windows Collaborative (www.efficientwindows.org) site also provides extensive information on selecting both windows and skylights, including fact sheets and computer simulations for typical houses using a variety of windows in a number of U.S. cities.

Heating, ventilation and air-cooling

Furnaces and air conditioning units are among the most important parts of your home's infrastructure; they're directly responsible for the comfort level and air quality inside your home. They're also among the more costly items to repair or replace.

So how do you know when it's time to replace part of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? EnergyStar.gov offers these guidelines:

* If your heat pump or air conditioner is older than 10 years.
* Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.
* Your energy bills are spiking.
* Equipment needs frequent repair.
* Some rooms are too hot while others are too cold.
* The HVAC system is very noisy.
* Your home is very dusty.

Replacing older HVAC systems with newer, Energy Star-qualified units can significantly impact your heating and cooling costs, according to EnergyStar.gov. An Energy Star-qualified heat pump or AC unit can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, the website says. You can learn more at www.energystar.gov.

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Raleigh, NC 27615-2306 - Phone - 919.844.0064 - E-mail - khobbs@nc.rr.com

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Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CT REIA) Announces Its August 2013 Monthly Meeting With Bob Diamond

    WEST HARTFORD, CT, August 08, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in association with Bob Diamond, is announcing its monthly meeting on August 12, 2013. This meeting will take place from 5:30 to 9:00 pm at the Four Points Sheraton, located at 275 Research Parkway in Meriden, CT.

Attendees of this seminar will: learn about the profitable world of tax sales and tax auctions; decipher the alphabet soup of tax deeds, tax liens, redemption and non-redemption periods, tax sales and tax auctions; turn tax sale investing on its head; discover what a tax sale is and how it works; learn how to find the five types of properties that are easily acquired and that cash flow from day one with existing renters; see how these property types are true passive income-generators; see the software that enables investors to sift, sort and have the right properties revealed; learn how to get paid $1,000 per property as a property finder; and much more.

Bob Diamond is a practicing real estate attorney and investor. He has written courses on commercial and residential real estate investing. He has also appeared on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, and the Flip That House television show on TLC. Bob graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Finance in 1987 and from Temple University School of Law in 1993. During his twenty five year career Bob has worked for Meridian Mortgage in their default and REO department, for Arthur Anderson and Coopers and Lybrand as a business consultant, and for the international law firm Cozen O'Connor as a real estate attorney. Bob has done over $150 million in transactions as a lawyer and investor and is a third generation investor. Bob specializes in coming up with unique ways to easily and quickly acquire properties for very low prices enabling them to be held for huge cash flow or sold off for a big profit immediately.

CT REIA is an organization that provides motivation, networking opportunities, and up-to-date education for people who want to buy homes or investment properties. Each month nationally recognized real estate investing trainers hold seminars at CT REIA. Real estate professionals, investors, landlords, property managers, realtors, contractors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and the general public are invited to attend our meetings. For more information on this and other real estate investing seminars from CT REIA, please visit http://www.ctreia.com or call (860) 265-4414.

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CFLA Announces State Bar Approved Quiet Title CLE on September 7, 2013 in Brooklyn, NY

    NEW YORK, NY, August 07, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Every day, more and more Americans are foreclosed upon despite the known irregularities in loan documents, fraud, predatory lending practices, contract law violations, and many actionable torts, on behalf of major lending institutions, loan servicers, investment banks, and even government institutions. As attorneys, we knew there had to be an easier, more affordable way for industry professionals to obtain access to the world of "hidden trade secrets" that our team of experts has developed.

Register online or phone 888-758-CFLA (2352): http://www.CertifiedForensicLoanAuditors.com


$495 from August 3rd - 31st
$595 from September 1st - 7th (At the Door)


New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
333 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(Group Discount Rates Available up to 2 weeks prior)


Chad Elrod
South Texas College of Law, J.D. (2008)
The University of Houston, B.S. (2005)

State Bar of Texas (2008)

Professional Affiliations
Houston Young Lawyers Association

Community Activities
Bridge to Eden, Non-Profit (Director)

Anthony P. Vigna

New York Law School, LLM Tax (2012)
Pace University School of Law, JD Law (1988)
Pace University (1983) MBA Finance
Pace University (1979) Accounting/CPA

Andrew P. Lehman, J.D.

Houston Graduate School of Theology,
(Phd. In progress)
West Coast College of Law, J.D. (2006)
The University of Houston, B.B.A. (2001)

Andrew Lehman is the creative inspiration behind CFLA, which has rapidly expanded to become the premier online legal destination for Attorneys, small businesses and consumers in the Foreclosure Defense Industry.

Class Schedule

The Fundamentals of Securitization
* What is securitization?
* History of Mortgage Securitization

The Securitization Parties and Their Roles
* Pooling and Servicing Agreements
* Originator-Bank that originated the loan
* Sponsor/Seller-middle bank bought note from originator and sold to depositor to package in the trust - most missed the closing date
* Depositor-Bank that sold the Note to the Investor
* Issuing Entity - The Trust: Closing Date, Lack of Standing, MERS
* Every Mortgage is supposed to be registered on this system
* Intended during the 1990's to cut recording costs/fees for the banking industry; also helped hide chain of title from the public
* Approximately 65 million mortgages=Mers is beneficiary or nominee
* Each time the NOTE was transferred by law there was supposed to be a duly signed assignment (from Originator to Sponsor/Seller to Depositor); this did not occur in most cases

Mortgage Securitization Audit
* Shows exactly how many times the note has been sold and into which trust (classes); in some instances the note has been sold multiple times as if it was the first time the Note was sold - Securities Fraud
* Shows the note has been paid off - answer to tender rule

Quiet Title
* What is Quiet Title?
* Steps to Quiet Title Litigation: Title Search - Public Record Search, Complaint for Quiet Title
* How to use audits in litigation
* Discovery Issues
* Settlement of Case or Judgment of Quiet Title
* Settlement: Principal Reduction, Interest Reduction, Credit Report - Paid as Agreed, No 1099 in Settlement
* Judgment of Quiet Title: Free and Clear Property, Unsecured Note, Asset Protection
* Summarize, Acknowledgements and Conclusions

The Securitization Parties and Their Roles

New York Quiet Title Law in the Foreclosure Defense Context

Nature and Purpose of Relief

Mortgage Lien Validity as a Cloud on Title

Practice and Procedure
* Jurisdiction
* Limitation
* Parties
* Pleading
* Judgments
* Answers and Counterclaims
* Burden of Proof and Trial

Post Foreclosure Sale Relief (Wrongful Foreclosure)

New York Case Studies: Proper Pleading of Quiet Title in Mortgage Context

Assignee's/Transferee's Standing to Foreclose
* Standing Generally
* Negotiable Instruments (UCC Art. III)
* Assignments vs. Transfers
* Mortgage Assignments (State Law)
* Contents
* Proper Effection
* UCC Art. III Transfers (UCC and State Law)
* Pre-Requisites of a Negotiable Instrument
* Pre-Requisites of a Transfer
* Holder Status vs. Holder in Due Course Status

New York Case Studies: Standing to Foreclose

Basics of a Homeowner Workout
* Reinstatement
* Bankruptcy
* Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
* Modification
* Short Sale


"Any attorney that practices foreclosure litigation should attend this seminar even if s/he is not going to prepare, the lawyer needs to understand the concept"
Valmiro L Donado

"My expectations were exceeded. I have been a Real Estate professional since 1993 and have simply followed guidelines established. This course has opened my eyes to all the reasons of 'why'."
Michael Bakkers

"The class was extremely informational. The instructors were exceptional. I will use this information in all my reports, which in turn will help my clients."
Rhonda Arellano

"Every student will learn useful information on chain of title and bank violation of TILA, RICO, etc."
Sharon Giles

"This course will help me and my real estate title company grow to great heights."
Adrian Jaymes

"It is a life-changing experience?both in knowledge and spirit."
Guido Gil

"Take this class! Fighting mortgage fraud without this information is like flying blind in the mountains."
Melanie Sandlin

"This is a great class. I've obtained what I needed. This is a class every homeowner should enlist in. The information is priceless. Great, great class."
Heidi Amaya

"If you are serious about this business, this is the place to go."
Han Seals

"I would highly recommend; with the evolution of the law in this area. It is highly important to get continued updates and to be part of a group to bounce ideas with for the good of the whole process."
Ken Rodman

"CFLA is one of the only business entities offering a one-stop shop where an attorney can get education, pleadings, research and practice support in the field of foreclosure defense. The attorney networking opportunities provided by CFLA are very valuable."
Charles Christmas

"Class was very informative; instructors were great! Information is greatly needed if you are facing foreclosure. CFLA has opened the doors for litigating these cases."
Rhonda Arellano

"The course was well presented and the instructors were very knowledgeable about subject matters."
Leonard S. Needles

"Very detail oriented training and professional experience, I learned more than expected."
Diane Rodriguez

"GREAT!!! A must for all Mortgage Professionals!! A++++."

"The instructors were A++++. Thank you CFLA!!!! This class was worth every penny!"

"Very well organized, structured, clear and concise. I highly recommend this course!"
Sally Figuierido

"We are the Nation's first and only recognized CFLA Accredited, Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training Class"?A comprehensive, 24-hour, in-person training course."

For further information, please contact:

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC
13101 W Washington Blvd Suite 140
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Toll Free: 1-888-758-CFLA (2352)


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Eclipse Shutters Suggests Plantation Shutters as Insulation for the Summer and Winter

    NORCROSS, GA, August 05, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Summer is here, and it is bringing with it scorching hot temperatures. Although your home may be well insulated, it still has one weak spot: the windows. Your windows may be letting in more of the summer heat and winter chills than you realize. Short of bricking over your windows, installing plantation shutters on your windows is the only real way to insulate them so that they stop letting in the heat and cold.

Eclipse Shutters believes that indoor shutters for windows are the most practical and most stylish way to ensure that your windows do not become a climate control issue. For centuries, these beautiful indoor window coverings have been helping families to keep their homes at a pleasant temperature in both summer and winter. They work well when paired with modern heating and air conditioning, keeping outside air from coming in and inside air from going out through the windows.

"Most windows in our homes are made from single-paned glass, and they often do not fit perfectly as our houses settle with age," says Shannon Hodges, Director of Marketing at Eclipse Shutters. "These vulnerabilities let outside temperatures come in and disrupt your air conditioning and heating efforts. We feel that the best way to block outside air is to cover your windows completely with plantation shutters."

Plantation interior shutters are custom fit to the exact dimensions of your windows, so you will never experience a crack that might weaken their insulating powers. Learn more about plantation shutters and Eclipse Shutters at http://www.eclipseshutters.com.

About Eclipse Shutters:

Eclipse Shutters is an Atlanta-based custom shutter provider with a network of licensed fabricators around the country. Their company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of tailor-made plantation shutters in North America. Eclipse Shutters was established in 1992 and offers customers fast delivery and a 25-year warranty.

For more information, visit http://www.eclipseshutters.com.

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Selling or Staying Put, 'Daylighting' Improvements Pay Off for Homeowners

    FORT MILL, SC, August 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If your home is on the market or will be soon, you're probably looking for every possible edge that will make it stand out to potential buyers. But even if you're staying put, you still want to make your home as attractive and valuable as your budget will allow.

"Daylighting" improvements that boost your home's brightness and energy efficiency offer substantial return on investment for both home sellers and those who will be staying in their homes for the foreseeable future.

Bringing the daylighting concept home
Industrial and office designers have long used daylighting - the concept of illuminating interior spaces with natural light from above - to improve energy efficiency, healthfulness and functionality of rooms. A stagnant housing market and sluggish economy raised homeowner interest in the concept.

"Daylighting improvements not only elevate a home's visual appeal for potential buyers, they can enhance a homeowners' enjoyment of their living space, and reduce energy costs," says Ross Vandermark, national product manager with skylight manufacturer VELUX America (www.veluxusa.com).

Homeowners who want to apply the principles of daylighting to their home have many options: they can add windows or roof windows or install any number of types of traditional skylights or Sun Tunnel tubular skylights.

The easiest daylighting upgrade
While adding a window in the wall of your home may raise practical and design issues, adding a roof window or skylight can be much easier. Roofs are, for the most part, a blank slate, allowing you to install skylights wherever they are needed most. And daylighting from above doesn't just add functionality: it offers room-changing drama and decorating flair.

Roof windows are hinged, hand operated venting units designed to be installed in easily accessible areas, such as the angled walls in attic bonus rooms. A double-sash roof window is also available that opens from both bottom and top to form a balcony on your roof. These units are often used in place of, or to replace, dormers.

Skylights are usually positioned higher on the ceiling, out of reach. The latest models from Velux America are no leak solar power fresh air skylights operated by remote control. These Energy Star-qualified units, which carry a 10-year no leak warranty, admit healthful natural light while providing passive ventilation through the natural "chimney or stack effect" of rising air when the skylights are open (and they feature sensors to automatically close in case of rain).

Both the solar powered skylights and installation, as well as solar powered blinds, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit meaning that homeowners can receive an average of $850 of federal tax credit eligibility, making the complete fresh air skylight package very affordable.

Skylights are popular with daylighting designers for several reasons. First, they easily fulfill the primary goal of daylighting by admitting more healthful natural light into a room than similar sized vertical windows--thereby reducing the need for energy to power artificial lights.

And there's another plus for fresh air skylights in today's tightly built and heavily insulated homes - indoor air quality. According to the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (www.greenguard.org), most of our exposure to environmental pollution occurs by breathing the air indoors

You can learn more about energy-efficient skylights and calculate your tax credit for a new or replacement model at www.veluxusa.com. For even more on skylights and other home energy saving tips visit energystar.gov.

Energy efficiency, high-tech and decorating in one package
Another important similarity among windows, roof windows and skylights is in the glazing, or how the glass is manufactured. Since the units are mounted facing directly at the sun, skylight-glazing technology has to be among the best in the industry. Quality Energy Star-qualified units feature double-pane, gas-filled construction to control heat gain or loss, and to filter the sun's fade-causing rays.

Independent research done in Denmark shows that skylights admit 30 percent more light than vertical windows in dormers, and provide the drama of a sky view that can't be achieved with vertical windows.

In addition to high-tech features such as remote control and automatic rain sensors, solar powered skylight blinds are available in a varied pallet of decor enhancing colors and patterns. Homeowners can utilize blinds as another decorating option while achieving as much as a 37 percent increase in energy efficiency, according to VELUX America. (Link to http://www.veluxusa.com).

They recommend closing the blinds on high heat/sun days in the summer to reduce potential solar heat gain and, on cold winter nights, to provide an extra layer of thermal insulation to keep warm air indoors.

Modern, low profile skylights are unobtrusive and as dependable as vertical windows. Information about units with a 10-year, no leak installation warranty, plus an installer locator, is available at www.veluxusa.com. There's also a free mobile phone app available to help homeowners see how skylights and blinds would look in rooms in their own homes. The Velux Skylight Planner App works with iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android devices.

For government information on window and skylight energy efficiency, visit energystar.gov, and for independent agency information, visit nfrc.org or efficientwindows.org. For remodeling information visit nahb.org/remodel or greenhomeguide.org.

Media Contact:
Keith Hobbs - Business Services Associates, Inc. - 9413 Greenfield Drive -
Raleigh, NC 27615-2306 - Phone - 919.844.0064 - E-mail - khobbs@nc.rr.com

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Productivity-Boosting Improvements for Your Home Office

    FORT MILL, SC, August 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Let's face it - not everyone has a home office that inspires productivity. But if you work from home at all - and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says 24 percent of people employed outside the home do at least some of their work at home - having a comfortable, organized and appealing home office can make your job easier.

Home Business Magazine says there are around 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S., and 34.3 million to 36.6 million households with active home offices. That's a lot of home offices - and a lot of ugly desks, dim lighting and clutter, too.

Many home offices are less the product of careful planning than something that evolves from a spare bedroom, bonus room or an extra corner in the basement. Even if your home office is more of an after-thought, it's possible to make some simple improvements that will enhance its appeal - and your productivity.

Here are five improvement and design choices that can help make your home office a hub of good business:

Begin with the basics

Renovating any room should start with the simplest investment that also provides a big payoff: paint. Repainting is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to completely change the look of a room. A fresh coat of paint, no matter what color, imparts a sense of freshness and energy to a room - just the kind of effect that can enhance your productivity.

When choosing a color for your home office, keep in mind that the hue should serve as a backdrop, not a distraction. Red may be your favorite color, and one you love in your bedroom, but home workers often spend eight hours a day or more in their home offices. Will the color you choose hold up to that kind of intense togetherness?

Invest in storage

Clutter in your home can range from simply annoying to downright depressing. In your home office, it can spell disaster - in the form of lost paperwork, missing projects and even lost business.

Plenty of storage and an organizational system that makes the most of it are essential for your home office. Whether you opt for open shelving, locking file cabinets, a desk with ample drawers or a combination of storage types, it's important to find solutions that work for you and fit your home office space.

Emphasize natural light

Of course you're aware of the importance of good lighting in an office setting, but did you know that ample natural lighting could boost your productivity? The mood-boosting effects of natural light are well documented, with many studies showing that office workers exposed to daylight throughout their workday are happier, healthier and more productive than those who function only under artificial light.

In your home office, ample natural light from sources such as a skylight can help reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), eyestrain and stress - all ailments that stand in the way of productivity.

"Adding a skylight to your home office can be a cost-effective way to ensure you get plenty of natural light during office hours," says Ross Vandermark of Velux America, (www.veluxusa.com) makers of Energy Star-qualified No Leak skylights. "What's more, a properly installed, energy-efficient skylight can help you control heating, cooling and lighting costs in your home office. If you opt for a no leak solar powered fresh air skylight, passive ventilation from its "chimney or stack" effect can also help enhance the air quality in your work space while providing healthful natural light."

Even if your office is on the ground floor, you may be able to add a skylight. Products such as VELUX's Sun Tunnel tubular skylights allow you to bring natural light to virtually anywhere in your home. And with an optional light kit, you have a 24/7 source of light.

Still not sure of the benefit in a home office setting? Add that solar powered fresh air skylight and an energy-efficient solar powered blind to your home office and both products, as well as the installation, will be eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit as a green home improvement. That's good business! Visit www.veluxusa.com or energystar.gov to learn more about energy- efficient skylights.

Sound it out

Noise can be a huge distraction, whether you're on deadline for a major project or on a conference call with a new client. Simple soundproofing steps can help you reduce noise in your home office - without costing you a mint.

Start with a good quality, thick carpet, which will help dampen sound. Next, add thick drapes and fabric surfaces such as an upholstered chair - fabrics help reduce the movement of sound waves.

With more Americans working from home, creating an inviting, inspiring office space is more important than ever.

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Keith Hobbs - Business Services Associates, Inc. - 9413 Greenfield Drive -
Raleigh, NC 27615-2306 - Phone - 919.844.0064 - E-mail - khobbs@nc.rr.com

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to Turn Must-Do Home Improvements into Things of Beauty

    FORT MILL, SC, August 03, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When it comes to home improvement, you can spend money in two basic ways: on things that make your home look better and things that make it function better. Under the first category, you'll find all the things you want to do, like replacing narrow casement windows with a lovely bay window. Under the second, fall all the things you must do, like replacing drafty windows with something more energy-efficient.

When "want to" and "have to" meet, they create the opportunity to make a smart buying decision - and choose an upgrade that will look good and improve the livability of your home. The key to making smart home improvement decisions is to recognize these opportunities and take full advantage of them.

Here are a few "have to" improvements that have the potential to turn into a good-looking, energy-efficient, enjoyment enhancing "want to."

Replacing the hot water heater
You probably don't care what a new hot water heater looks like sitting in your garage or basement - or wherever it resides in your home. But the right replacement water heater can help your house achieve a lovely shade of green. High energy-efficiency water heaters can help reduce energy usage, thereby trimming your energy bills and your home's environmental impact. Solar water heating systems http://solar.veluxusa.com/solar/products take the beauty a step further by using the power of the sun, collected through roof-top low-profile solar panels from Velux America, to heat water - at a monthly savings that's about 80 percent less than the cost of traditional water heaters.

Getting some light in here
Do you really need a scientific study to tell you that a home filled with natural light just feels better? Probably not. Brightening your home with natural light is a smart buying decision on multiple levels. First, you don't pay to power the sun. Second, natural light delivers a host of mood-enhancing benefits. If you have the wall space, you can consider adding windows, but the ceiling is an open pallet just waiting to be utilized.

But for rooms where a window is impossible (like a powder room) or where you don't want to sacrifice privacy (like a master bathroom or a bedroom) a tubular skylight is a good alternative. Some, like Velux's Sun Tunnel products, can be easily installed in a couple of hours. They cost less than traditional skylights and bring natural light to hard-to-light areas like closets, hallways and other small spaces. Add a light kit, and you have a 24/7 light source.

Getting some air in here
Just as sunlight is good for your mood, fresh air and natural light are good for your health. An Energy Star-qualified no leak solar powered fresh air skylight (visit www.veluxusa.com) is a great way to passively vent stale, moist air from your home, especially from baths and kitchens, while bringing in fresh air. They operate by remote control and close automatically in case of rain. Adding solar powered blinds - controlled by the same remote unit - allows you to fine-tune the amount of sunlight your skylight admits. And blinds are not just functional and energy efficient - they are available in designer colors and patterns to complement your decor. No leak solar powered fresh air skylights and solar powered blinds, as well as installation costs, are eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Compared to other venting solutions, a skylight is a relatively low-cost, great-looking way to enjoy more fresh air and natural light while adding drama to a space. Visit www.veluxusa.com to learn more.

When one door opens ...
Beat up, weathered garage and front doors not only look bad, they can be a source of air leaks that make your heating, ventilation and cooling system work harder. Exterior doors aren't something you buy every day, but they can have a big impact on how your home looks and on its energy efficiency. They can definitely be a smart buying decision if you opt for doors that not only look good, but also are highly rated for energy efficiency. If you're not sure how to choose, search online, where you'll find lots of guides for buying garage doors and front doors.

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Keith Hobbs - Business Services Associates, Inc. - 9413 Greenfield Drive -
Raleigh, NC 27615-2306 - Phone - 919.844.0064 - E-mail - khobbs@nc.rr.com

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Boston Pads Highlights Reasons Why Buying a Home Is Still a Good Idea

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 08, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As an informative online resource regarding residential real estate within the Boston area, Boston Pads has kept a tight watch on the local market and its reflection of national trends. Although the housing market has significantly improved in recent months, this company explains that many buyers are still shying away from making a purchase. Now, with increased in fixed mortgage rates, many individuals are reconsidering their plans to buy a home.

A recent article from Fox Business assesses how national trends are impacting consumer purchasing decisions, and why it may still be a good idea to buy a home. Boston Pads notes in a recent press statement, "Many consumers react to national trends adversely without first investigating how it will specifically impact their financial situation. For some, buying a home is still relatively affordable--especially in comparison to pre-recession prices--and may even save money over renting."

Fox Business observes, "...while higher rates do mean an increase in monthly mortgage payments, experts are urging potential home buyers not to resign themselves to renting for the next few years just yet--it's still a good time to buy a home. These moderate increases in payments may still be manageable, particularly if buyers look at less expensive properties, or negotiate a lower price. For example, the difference in monthly payments for a $200,000 home at 3.9 percent and one at 4.5 percent is just $70.03. If budgeted correctly, this could be a manageable expense."

However, Boston Pads explains, "Time is of the essence, especially now as the economy is rapidly improving. While many new housing projects are going into development, employment is increasing and additional consumers will likely enter the market--making it more competitive to get the home you want, especially in metropolitan areas like Boston."

With a similar observation, Fox Business explains, "This is the early stage of the recovery of the housing market, and the rising interest rates encourage potential home buyers to be more decisive, and act quickly. As more homes are bought, supply decreases, so prices may rise even further. So if you've been thinking about buying a home, don't lose your confidence, but it may be prudent to act quickly as rates continue to rise."

Noting that many consumers may be looking to secure a home in upcoming months, Boston Pads encourages all those moving within the Boston area to look at available homes on its comprehensive database.


Boston Pads is an online resource for buyers, sellers, landlords, renovators and anyone else seeking real estate and housing needs in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The company's real time database is the largest in the area, constantly updating technology with current listings. There are a variety of resources available, including property management services, landlords, relocation services, renovation and remodeling services along with several other connections and tools. There is a mortgage calculator available as well as data on specific neighborhoods. Boston Pads prides itself on supplying individuals with relevant, convenient services and resources, offering tips on how to get approved for financing and many other topics.

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Call Toni Welcomes WomenNetwork.com CEO Michelle Patterson

    LOS ANGELES, CA, August 11, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Michelle Patterson, CEO of WomenNetwork.com and an expert on issues such as the women's economy, professional development, networking, and business growth, will be a guest on the Call Toni radio show this week. The show will air Saturday, August 10th at 3pm PT on KTLK AM1150. Listeners not in the Los Angeles area may stream the show from KTLK's site http://ktlkam1150.com. Michelle will give an overview of the WomenNetwork.com and its associated goals, successes, and techniques. She will also give listeners tips on accelerating a business, the best ways to work with different business models and information on her radio show OC Spotlight.

A recognized visionary and lauded business accelerator, Michelle Patterson is a sought-after expert on issues such as the women's economy, professional development, networking, and business growth. She is a written contributor and guest on numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox BusinessNews, Bloomberg, and over a dozen TV stations in California. Most recently,Patterson successfully oversaw the 2012 California Women's Conference, continuing the tradition of this historical event that has featured thoughtleaders and A-list celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Gayle King, and more. UnderPatterson's leadership, this newly revived conference received critical acclaim and was covered by the largest media outlets in the world. The California Women's Conference was the latest in a number of signature events Patterson has overseen. Just to name a few, these events include celebrity chef challenges, signature wine festivals such as "Taste of Ladera" with over 30,000 attendees, corporate workshops, and hosting the President of the United States.

Patterson's business acumen and impressive rolodex has led to her being labeled by the media as an "acceleration executive" that focuses on helping individuals, corporations, and small businesses grow faster. Patterson began her entrepreneurial journey after serving as a Regional Vice-President and National Sales Trainer for the world's largest specialized recruiting firm, Robert Half, where she oversaw 9 divisions and was recognized for helping generate record revenue growth. When she launched TouchPointe, LLC in July 2006, she continued her track record of impressive revenue growth - leading the company to achieve seven figure revenue within just six months of launch. TouchPointe was tapped by Internet giants Groupon and Living Social early on in their business cycle to help them increase their market share.

Today, Patterson is the CEO of WomenNetwork.com, a community designed to engage, educate and empower women on a global scale. Women Network is the proud producer of California Women's Conference and gives professionals an opportunity to make connections and explore career expansion opportunities. It serves as the focal for education and resources for women. Emerging businesses frequently tap into Patterson and the Women Network to get connected to the right individuals and develop strategies to accelerate their growth.

In addition to her success with TouchPointe and Women Network, Patterson is also partnered with the United Nations on establishing a Network for Economic Empowerment of Women of the South. Adhering to the theme "Each One Teach One", the objective is to establish an incubatory system in which aspiring business women will have their range of silks and knowledge expanded by interacting on sustained basis with successful business women

Patterson is an energetic and engaging public speaker for organizations such as Loyola Marymount University, Groupon, and The Green Festival. Patterson is the feature author for a women's anthology that will feature notable celebrity contributors to be released by Ben Bella Books in fall 2013. Patterson also hosts the radio show OC Spotlight, which airs weekly on OC Talk Radio. There she interviews top-tier guests ranging from Grammy Award winner Lil Jon to Groupon CEO Andrew Mason.

Patterson is driven by the belief that everyone has something significant to contribute. She is committed to helping individuals discover their talent and connect to the right circle of people to live out their purpose.

Call Toni, launched in 2012 as part of the Real Estate Radio Network, is a Los Angeles area real estate radio show hosted by local real estate expert Toni Patillo and her co-host Karla Dennis. With topics that include real estate, financial matters and short sales, the show aims to help listeners stay current with market trends and take control of their financial happiness while adding a personal touch. The show has built a steady listener base since its premiere. For more information please visit http://calltoni.com.

Call Toni, launched in 2012 as part of the Real Estate Radio Network, is a Los Angeles area real estate radio show hosted by local real estate expert Toni Patillo and her co-host Karla Dennis. For further information, please contact the Associate Producer at 310-482-2032

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Edmonton Home Construction Company Now Selling in Crystallina Nera Neighborhood

    EDMONTON, AB, August 09, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Anyone interested in relocating to the Northeast section of Edmonton will be very interest in the homes the Edmonton Construction Company has built in the Crystallina Nera community. Bordered on one side by an urban forest that is protected by the city of Edmonton, the community provides a tranquil place to raise a family and enjoy a peaceful and happy life.

The Edmonton Construction Company created houses that perfectly suit the natural beauty of the setting. Each home features early American architecture that give them a historical feeling, while simultaneously making it possible for residents to enjoy all the conveniences of modern life. The show home will be open and ready for tours in August.

The location of the Crystallina community puts it in close proximity with the Anthony Henday Yellowhead Trail. The trail, along with the community lake and paths leading through the urban forest provide ample opportunity for new routes to run and walk. Backyards that are spacious and well groomed provide children and pets with the space they need to play.

Though the new Crystallina neighborhood feels far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the new residents won't have to learn to live without the amenities you love. Community residents will be able to choose from ten excellent schools located nearby. Close proximity to the North Town and the Londonderry Mall means plenty of shopping opportunities and the nearby Clareview Transit Centre makes for an easy commute.

About the Company
The Pacesetter Homes the Edmonton Construction Company used for the Crystallina community have been attracting attention since 1969. The company enjoys a reputation for consistently designing homes that are both innovative and stylish. Houses designed by the company feature an elegance that never goes out of style combined with modern functionality.

As an industry leader with over 50 years of building experience, Pacesetter Homes offers a wide variety of outstanding home plans. Building attached garage, rear lane, duplex and town homes ensures you will find a home product designed to fit your lifestyle. We include many upscale features and offer a variety of standard finishing packages, providing your family the opportunity to select the home options that reflects your personal dreams. Timeless elegance, refined design, and innovation of style are what make Pacesetter Homes one of the most successful builders in Western Canada.

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Call Toni Real Estate Radio Welcomes Real Estate Expert Sam Sadat

    LOS ANGELES, CA, August 04, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sam Sadat, current CEO of Global Financial Network, LLC and an accomplished author, educator, speaker, investor and broker, will be a guest on the Call Toni radio show this week. The show will air Saturday, August 3rd at 3pm PT on KTLK AM1150. Listeners not in the Los Angeles area may stream the show from KTLK's site http://ktlkam1150.com. Sam will discuss how Sam's Real Estate Club helps people network and learn about real estate, his experiences in countless real estate transactions from various positions, fixing and flipping properties and the effect of the current market on investment properties. Sam will also talk about his role as CEO of the Global Financial Network and what they do.

Over the last 25 years, Sam Sadat has been involved in more than two thousand real estate transactions as a principal, partner, lender or broker. He started his career as a loan officer and soon became a top producer at his bank. Sam left there to become president of Global Home Loans, a mortgage banking company that under his leadership, grew to have more than one hundred million dollars in annual loan originations. Sam is now the CEO of Global Financial Network, LLC. GFN has worldwide real estate interests, one of them being Investor Funding Resources, which provides private money mortgages and bridge financing to investors in the fix and flip property business.

In 2003 he founded Sam's Real Estate Club of Los Angeles (also known as Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club). Through the club Sam has helped thousands of people to network, learn and prosper by understanding the fundamentals of wise investing. He believes anyone can succeed in real estate -- but with proper guidance and mentoring it will happen faster with fewer expensive mistakes. One important highlight of Sam's RE Club meetings is that each week Sam talks about what's happening now in real estate. Unique among real estate clubs, Sam always provides insights on personal growth, creating a positive mind set, and maintaining your motivation. Sam's RE Club has been featured on KTLA Channel 5 News, LA Times, Daily News and many others as one of the best networking and educational venues in Southern California. The key to Sam's business success is that he knows that due to government regulation, the economy, demographics and many other factors, real estate is a constantly changing environment. What worked a few years ago might be obsolete today.

Over the years Sam's true passion has become to use his depth of knowledge to educate old and new investors alike on latest trends as well as the tried and true. He has come to believe that only through the process of continuing education will an investor gain the necessary knowledge to navigate through these changing currents. Sam first took action on this idea by hosting his own radio show, The Free and Clear Hour, on KHOW in Denver, lecturing around the country and making guest appearances on TV and radio programs. He currently teaches real estate at the Learning Annex Online and The American Premier University. Sam has written many articles for well-known real estate publications. His best-selling book Free and Clear, The Inside Secrets of Home Mortgage Financing has helped thousands of people save millions of dollars on their mortgages and to take control over their financial future. You may reach Sam by email: sam@samsREclub.com or phone (800) 998-9930.

Call Toni, launched in 2012 as part of the Real Estate Radio Network, is a Los Angeles area real estate radio show hosted by local real estate expert Toni Patillo and her co-host Karla Dennis. With topics that include real estate, financial matters and short sales, the show aims to help listeners stay current with market trends and take control of their financial happiness while adding a personal touch. The show has built a steady listener base since its premiere. For more information please visit http://calltoni.com.

Contact: Noah Ickowitz | Noah@calltoni.com | http://calltoni.com

Call Toni, launched in 2012 as part of the Real Estate Radio Network, is a Los Angeles area real estate radio show hosted by local real estate expert Toni Patillo and her co-host Karla Dennis. For further information, please contact the Associate Producer at 310-482-2032

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Request a Free Brochure from Step-in Bathtub Suppliers, Safeguard Tubs

    NORCROSS, GA, August 05, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Safeguard Tubs, a supplier of walk-in tubs for elderly and handicapped individuals, is pleased to provide a complementary brochure and DVD package to anyone who wishes to learn more about its line of step-in tubs. It is easy to request this free brochure and DVD package; simply visit http://safeguardtubs.com/brochure-dvd-form.html and fill out the quick form.

Unlike other companies that offer free brochures, Safeguard Tubs understands that you value your privacy. The step-in tub company will never share or sell your information with anyone.

Maintaining your privacy is just one aspect of Safeguard Tubs' dedication to keeping you satisfied as a customer. The company understands that you deserve the very best treatment when you choose to interact with any business, and it has built its successful therapeutic tubs company around the basis of providing you with the ultimate customer experience.

From when you first request your free brochure and DVD package, Safeguard Tubs will endeavor to fulfill its promise of an amazing customer experience. You will be contacted by one of the company's knowledgeable representatives to ensure that any questions you have are answered. From there, the representative can arrange a free in-home consultation for your walk-in bathtub.

Each Safeguard Tubs step-in bathtub is custom designed with the customer in mind. Your free consultation will cover the ways you will use your new tub and any needs you may have. From there, the skilled installation crew will create the walk-in tub of your dreams. Once your tub is installed, you can always call on Safeguard Tubs for any questions, concerns, or issues.

To learn more, visit http://www.safeguardtubs.com.

About Safeguard Tubs:

Safeguard walk-in tubs were first developed to provide comfortable, safe and easy bathing solutions for the elderly and physically challenged. Safeguard has remained committed to being the best and most reliable company in the U.S., focusing on their customers and their overall quality of life.

To learn more, go to http://www.safeguardtubs.com/.

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Content Manager
Cardinal Web Solutions

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